ProxMate - Proxy on steroids!

Step 1/4: Welcome to ProxMate for chrome

This installer will help you to install ProxMate. It will only take one minute.
It is neccessary because google decided to no longer list ProxMate in the extension store.

Let's go!

All you need to do is download a .crx file and install it manually. If you are a pro, ignore this installer and simply click here to download the .crx directly.

Step 2/4: Download ProxMate

Yayy, you clicked the button!
Okay, let's start. This is a easy one! Just download the ProxMate extension by clicking the shiny button here.

Download ProxMate .crx file

Next up, chrome will ask you if you want to download the file, and warns you that these can harm your computer. Just press 'continue' and you are ready to go!


Once the download is finished, chrome will give you the following error message, stating that you can't install a extension from this page. This is completely fine, just hit 'OK'.

Did everything here? All right, click the button below!

Next step

Step 3/4: Extension manager

Phew, that was difficult! Now the next part: We need to install the just downloaded .crx file.

First of all, open your extension manager should look something like this (with more extensions of course!):

All done? Click the button!

Last step

Step 4/4: Install ProxMate

Open up your 'Downloads folder' and search for 'proxmate.crx'.

Once you found it, drag and drop 'proxmate.crx' into your extension manager.
Chrome will ask you if you want to add ProxMate to chrome. Just click 'Add'.

If you did everything fine, it should look like this:

You are now ready to use ProxMate :) Enjoy!