ProxMate - Proxy on steroids!

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Supporting Proxmate

Since ProxMate is a non-profit project, we don't want to charge for it. Well, here comes the problem: Proxies are servers. And a server do cost money.

We own a proxy network including around 15-20 servers, growing every day a bit to stand the traffic of our (currently) 300.000 users.


What do I get?

Giving a person you don't even know money is a cool decision that we want to reward. Here are some goodies you get when donating more than 3.00€!

  • Access to faster servers since you are helping us paying them
  • Access to test features that may or may not come in the next public release
  • Extra services that may or may not come. Check them here!
  • Early access to our DNS which is currently in work.
  • Your name in the list below
  • No ProxMate banner when unblocking websites
  • That warm and fuzzy feeling for supporting a good thing

After donating, these features will last exactly 31 days.

Keep in mind: You are NOT paying for features. Every bonus you get might get removed at any time or just disappear. In such cases you won't get your money back.